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Week 4

Friday 1st May


A quick message for parents in Busy Bees: I'm moving house today so will be unable to reply to my emails until Monday. If you have any urgent concerns or questions, please contact Ms Hague via: 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep safe and well. 

Mr Holland


Literacy - I Spy:

- Today we would like you to look at the 'I Spy' sheets attached at the bottom of the web page. There are three different sets, each one getting harder and harder. Can you read the words and match them to the picture?  


Maths - Picnic:

- For your lunch or snack time today, have a picnic with your favourite toys or teddies. Can you share out your food equally - for example crisps or biscuits - amongst your toys. Make sure everyone gets the same amount by sharing equally and fairly! 



- We would like you to get arty today! During these difficult times, one of the positives have been spending time with your mummys and daddys, brothers and sisters. We would like you to create a piece of artwork including all of your family's handprints. You could use paint and print them or trace them on coloured paper and cut them out. Look at the picture below as an inspiration. We can't wait to see how creative you have been!



Online Activity: 

- Log on to Education City and play a game to explore different feelings. With a grown up, you can discuss how you would feel in different situations. The games are called 'Moody Monster' and 'Emotional Rollercoaster'. They have been assigned in 'your city'. Alternatively, type them into the search bar to find them. 


Thursday 30th April



- Look carefully at the picture below. What can you see? Write a sentence to describe what you see. Don't forget to include a capital letter at the start, use your finger spaces and a full stop at the end of your sentence. 



Maths - Patterns:

- To get you and your brains warmed up, search for 'Banana, Banana, Meatball by GoNoodle' on Youtube (this is a favourite in Reception!) Follow the video to create patterns with your body!   

- Think carefully about what a pattern is. Remember, a pattern does not have to be green, red, green, red for example. It could be: green, green, red, green, green, red. Using this idea, see what variety of patterns you can make. These could include shapes, colours, or even objects. You might want to explore printing patterns with paint and chopped up fruit or vegetables!


Topic - PE Lucky Dip:

- Write (or print) the following PE actions on post it notes or cards:



Star Jump

Pencil Roll

Pencil Jump

High Knees





Throughout the day, pick a card/post it note at random and do the chosen action for 30 seconds. Have a 30 second break, before doing another 30 seconds. See if you can complete all actions by the end of the day!


Online Activity: 

- Visit Busy Things and play 'Line Up'. Click 'Reception' > 'Mathematics' > 'Mathematical Patterns' > 'Line Up'



Wednesday 29th April 2020

Literacy – High frequency words

Today we would like you to write out 5 of the high frequency words that you are learning. You will need to write them out twice because you will be playing snap with them. Make sure you read the word as you put it down!


Maths – Money

We would like you to explore the coins that you have in the house. Look at the numbers on each coin and discuss with an adult how much it is worth. You could then complete one of the activities below:

- Sort the coins by how much they are worth

- Coin rubbings

- Create a shop to ‘buy’ some items in your house.


Topic – Topic/Science

Log onto Espresso and watch the video ‘Cold Seas’. You will find it on:

Foundation -> Understanding the World -> Under the Sea -> Videos.

We would then like you to create your own ‘cold sea’. Below is a science experiment with instructions of how you could do this. Write down the changes you see as the ice begins to melt.



Online activity – Education City

Log onto Education City and choose an activity to complete.



Tuesday 28th April 2020

Literacy – Bug Club

Your literacy activity today is Bug Club! Please log on and read one of your books. Make sure you click on the bugs as you go to answer questions about the book.


Maths – Addition

Today, we would like you answer some simple addition sentences using objects. Listed below are some ideas as to how you could do this. Once you have answered your sum, write the answer into the number sentence. Have a go with answers to 10 and once you master this, move on to answers to 20.





Topic – Health and Self-Care

Today we would like you to practise some form of getting dressed. For example, you could time yourself getting dressed and try to beat it each day this week. You could also practise doing up zips, buttons or buckles. We know that you find these tricky!



Monday 27th April



Using the sentence starter 'This weekend I have...', write a sentence about something you have done over the past couple of days with your family. Don't forget to use your letter formation sheet to help you. Remember your finger spaces, too! You might want to include a drawing with your sentence.



- To get you and your brains warmed up, do 15 star jumps counting as you do them. Then, do 15 more star jumps whilst counting backwards this time!  

- With a grown-up, practise saying one less than a given number. Focus on numbers up to 20. You could write down your answers using a pen, pencil or even some paint. Don't forget you can use your number formation sheet as a guide.



- Watch Andy's Wild Workouts on CBeebies iPlayer (you can click/copy the link below). Enjoy a workout whilst learning about some of the different creatures that can be found under the sea. Which animal did you enjoy moving like the most?


Online Activity: 

- Play Underwater Counting on Topmarks. Practise your counting and number recognition by seeing how many sea creatures you can spot.



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