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Grove Park Primary School

Week 4

Picture 1 Aderiyike's wonderful writing!
Picture 2 Aderiyike baked a cake for Miss Hyams!
Picture 3 Mia walked all the way to school! It took 45 mins!
Picture 4 Mia reading on Bug Club.
Picture 5 Grace painted a blossom tree. It looks great!
Picture 6 Max created a game which kept his dad active!
Picture 7 Max enjoying reading in the sun!
Picture 8 Eliza celebrated the Queen's birthday!
Picture 9 Eliza ordered her teddies by size.
Picture 10 Eliza's weekend news.
Picture 11 Eliza made sea creatures using clay. They're fab!
Picture 12 Isabelle has been helping out at home!
Picture 13 Isabelle has been working on her numbers.
Picture 14 Mia's super literacy and maths work!
Picture 15 Grace's school work today!
Picture 16 Sophia's PE with Joe!
Picture 17 Sophia made a fish on Busy Things
Picture 18 Sophia practised doing her buttons up
Picture 19 Sophie's yoga! Great job!
Picture 20 Sophie enjoyed sorting real words and alien words!
Picture 21 Sophie's fish!
Picture 22 Ernest enjoyed Andy's Wild Workout on CBeebies!
Picture 23 Alize's calculation butterfly.
Picture 24 Harper enjoying his science experiment!
Picture 25 Lucy playing Top Trumps with family.
Picture 26 Lucy made a cake!
Picture 27 Lucy's addition flowers.
Picture 28 Kaya has been baking too!
Picture 29 Kaya's Easter painting family tradition.
Picture 30 Thomas' science experiment is in the freezer!
Picture 31 It's frozen!
Picture 32 Daisy's lockdown artwork she made with her family.
Picture 33 Eliza's under the sea measuring!
Picture 34 Eliza made an underwater scene! It's fab!
Picture 35 Bella made a den with her brother.
Picture 36 Jaks has been doing addition with sticks!
Picture 37 What Tommy learnt about cold seas.
Picture 38 Bella can now ride her bike without stabilisers!
Picture 39 Ronnie's home made pizza.
Picture 40 Jaks doing his home PE.
Picture 41 Ronnie made a farm scene. It's wonderful!
Picture 42 Ronnie's message to key workers.
Picture 43 Sophie's fabulous family tree
Picture 44 Well done Sophie!
Picture 45 Eva-Lili has been busy in the kitchen.
Picture 46 RIccardo has a fantastic reading den!
Picture 47 Riccardo has been busy counting money.
Picture 48 Eva-Lili has worked really hard on her writing.
Picture 49 Azalea has been busy learning all the coins.
Picture 50 A beautiful patterned caterpillar by Azalea.
Picture 51 James has been working really hard!
Picture 52 What a great fish, James!
Picture 53 Logan enjoyed counting on Topmarks.
Picture 54 Logan's fantastic sea creatures - I love them!
Picture 55 Another of Logan's wonderful sea creations.
Picture 56 Luca enjoyed playing on Education City.
Picture 57 Max was busy sorting money/coins.
Picture 58 Rosie has been working really hard.
Picture 59 Rosie enjoying another PE session.
Picture 60 Sophie's great addition work.
Picture 61 Sophie treated her mum and sister to a spa day!
Picture 62 Ethan loved the pattern activity!
Picture 63 A wonderful piece of art by Ethan.
Picture 64 Ava made a wonderful Easter hat!
Picture 65 Ernest's lockdown artwork in a lovely frame.

Isabelle created a ball run!

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