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Week 3

Friday 24th April 2020

Literacy – Build a reading den.

We would like you to build a den using any materials at home. When it is nice and cosy, snuggle up and read your favourite book inside.


Maths – Board game.

Play a board game with your family. You could make your own board game, like the one pictured below. Or you could play a game that you have at home.



Topic – ICT

Go around your house and look for items that use electricity. Take a photo/draw a picture/write a list of the items you find. You could investigate further by looking to see what their power source is (with an adult). Are they plugged into the mains supply? Or are they powered by something else?


Online activity – Espresso

Log onto Espresso and have a look at the ‘Under the Sea’ section. You can find it in:

Foundation -> Understanding the World -> Under the Sea.

Watch the videos on warm and cold seas. Once completed, have a go at this activity:

Update your fact sheet if you found out something new.



Thursday 23rd April


Literacy - Alien Words:

- Today we would like you to practise your reading skills, with a special twist! Ask an adult to write the following words on post-its or scrap paper: bang, the, fish, lamp, frog, twist, fling, plant, swing, crunch, vimpblung, slomp, twonk, planf, namps, strolg, shlup, chonk.


Can you sound out and blend these words before sorting them into 'Real Words' and 'Alien Words'? You could add some words of your own once you've finished. 


Maths - Musical Numbers:

- Write numbers 1-20 and spread them out on the floor. Ask an adult or sibling to play some music. When the music stops you must stand on a number and read it aloud carefully. You must then do that amount of claps, star jumps, hops or squats! You can decide which action you chose to do, just make sure you count carefully as you do them. 


Adults, you might want to remove a number each time to stop them from doing it more than once. If they aren't finding it challenging enough you could add some larger numbers.


Topic - Create a fish:

- Time to get creative! Find a bottle, or another piece of recycling, to make your very own fish. You could use tissue paper, card, paint and much more to decorate your fish. With an adult's help, you may even be able to twist your bottle in order to give your fish a different shape. We can't wait to see your fin-tastic work!


Online Activity: 

- Visit and search for the activity called 'Sorting by Size' or click the link  



Wednesday 22nd April


Thank you to everyone that has emailed in so far! It has been lovely to see and hear what you have been up to. It is really important that we hear from you at least once a week. If you haven’t been in touch yet, please drop us an email to update us on how you are doing. 


Literacy – Bug club

Today we would like you to read ‘What Is In My Net?’ on Bug Club. Make sure you click on the bugs as you go to complete the book! When you have finished your reading, make a list of all the items that Daisy and Zac found. You could also draw a picture.

Some of you have read all your books on Bug Club – a HUGE well done to you! If this is you, we have added some more books. Please choose one to read and write a sentence about the book.


Maths – Spider web.

Write out numbers 1-20 all over a page (in a random order) and put a circle around them. Now make a spider’s web using the numbers. Starting at number 1, connect the numbers in order, until you have made a web with all the numbers. If you get stuck, remember to go back to number 1 and keep counting until you find the next number.

Extension – Once completed, you could choose a random number and say one more and one less than that number.

A message to parents – if your child does not find numbers 1-20 challenging enough, you could extend them further. Increase the numbers to 30 or count in 10s, 2s or 5s. For example, 10, 20, 30 etc.


Topic – PE

Today we would like you to do some form of PE. Listed below are some suggestions of the physical activity you could do:

- Joe Wicks’ workout.

- Yoga using Cosmic Kids on YouTube.

- Ride your bike.

- Play a ball game. Practise your throwing, catching, kicking etc.

- Do some dancing.

- Skipping

We look forward to hearing what you decided to do!



Tuesday 21st April



- Please complete the final pages in your Phonics Phase 2 Activity Booklet.

- Using post it notes (or scrap pieces of paper) play snap, with an adult or sibling, using your High Frequency Words!



- To get your brains warmed up, roll a dice (or use an online dice roller if you don't have one at home) then quickly hold up the same number of fingers as the number shown on the dice. Ask your an adult or sibling to join in with you and see who can show the correct amount of fingers first! 

- Go on another shape hunt around your house. This time you're looking for circles. Record what circular objects you can find around your house. As a bonus challenge, can you find any spheres? 



- As our topic is Under the Sea, we would like you to create the 'Ultimate Sea Creature'! You could use lots of different parts from different sea animals to make your own special species. For example, it could have shark's teeth for eating food and a turtle's shell for protection. Draw and label your creature - we can't wait to see them! 


Online Activity: 

- Visit Busy Things to do some online colouring of sea creatures. Click Reception > Understanding the World > The World > Animals > Sea Creatures



Monday 20th April


Welcome back!

We hope that you had a lovely Easter break and are safe and well during these unusual times. Hopefully, you have taken some time to relax and recharge your batteries ready for more learning.

We will continue to post daily activities on the website to complete at home. But please remember to refer back to the list of websites and ensure you are reading every day.

As always, if you need help with anything or have any questions, please don't hesitate to send your class teacher an email.


Literacy – Easter news!

Today is the first day after the Easter holidays. We would usually have a circle time where you could share your favourite part of the holiday. Instead, can you share this with a family member?

Then, we would like you to put this information into a sentence and write it into your book. Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! Use your phonics to write down the sounds you can hear. It doesn’t matter if the word isn’t spelt correctly, as long as you are using the sounds that you know!

It may be helpful to do a quick phonic warm up if your school brains have been sleeping! Flashcard all sounds and high frequency words that you may use in your sentence.


Maths – The number thief!

To wake up your sleepy maths brain, we would like you to write out your numbers from 1-20 on separate post-it notes/sheets of paper. You can use your number formation sheet to help you if you get stuck. Jumble the pieces of paper up and put them into the correct order.

Next you will need to choose who is going to be the number thief. It could be mums and dads or a favourite toy. Now close your eyes and the number thief will need to hide one of the numbers.

Open your eyes and work out which number is missing. If you get stuck, remember to start at number one and count with your finger to find the missing number.

To make it things harder you could:

- Become the number thief.

- Take 2/3 numbers away at a time.

- Write out more numbers (20-30).


Topic – Under the Sea!

Our new topic this term is ‘Under the Sea’. With some help from a parent, we would like you to write down all the things you know about this topic. For example, what animals live there? What do they eat? Have you read any books about the ocean? You could create a poster or a mind map to record your ideas.

Keep hold of your work so that you can add to it as you learn more facts. When you learn something new, write it down in a different colour. At the end of this topic you will be able to see how much you have learnt!

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