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Week 5

Amelia making gingerbread men!
Alex made an underwater scene.
Alex has been playing board games with family.
Alex recreated the rainbow fish!
Amelia's 4 words of the week! Super work!
Aderiyike's sharing teddy bears picnic.
Alex has enjoyed his reading.
Amelia's elephants!
Ella has enjoyed pattern work on Busy Things
Ella working on her letters.
Thomas' sharing teddy bears picnic!
Thomas and family created their lockdown artwork!
Eliza and family created their lockdown artwork!
Aderiyike did some great reading.
James made a fantastic crab!
James enjoyed the HFW activity.
Rosie created a beautiful pattern with feathers.
Rosie and her family made fairy doors!
Sophie's super sea scene!
Alize has been cooking!
Eliza used her floor keyboard to play some songs!
Eliza made a zoo using megablocks and playmobil.
Eliza watched 'Inside Out' & made playdoh emotions
Florence's lego maths!
Harper has been caring for his horse.
Mia's weekly spelling test! Great work!
Sophie enjoyed the rain storm during her walk.
Sophie painting bluebells she has seen.
The finished product!
Annabel can now ride her bike without stabilisers!
Lucy and family created some lockdown artwork.
Grace made a wonderful under the sea scene!
Grace has been hard on her maths.
Sophia's junk mail words look great!
Sophia's under the water scene!
Sophia's great lego maths.
Lucy's junk mail high frequency words.
Lucy created a fairy princess! It looks excellent!
Shriyen's under the sea scene looks fab!
Shriyen enjoyed the lego maths.
Thomas has been experimenting with colour!
Thomas' colour experiment!
Mia has been sorting real and alien words.
Blake has done great subtraction.
Blake's number recognition with Lego.
It was Blake's birthday - Happy Birthday!!
Ella enjoyed a word building game (as a mermaid!).
Eva's wonderful family artwork.
Eva created a brilliant under water scene!
Logan and his brother made VE bunting!
Logan's beautiful writing and even better answers!
Luca has been working really hard.
Luca enjoying some word building.
Ethan's excellent subtraction.
Ethan did brilliantly matching Lego to numerals.
Harrison enjoyed experimenting with colour.
A beautiful VE Day medal, Harrison.
Harrison created a wonderful under the sea scene.
Millie made a VE Day flag!
Riccardo is looking very cool!
Riccardo enjoyed matching the Lego to numerals.
Riley used his toys to help him subtract.
A very exciting set of dinosaurs, Riley!
Rosie did really well when recognising numerals.
Rosie created a beautiful sea scene on a plate!

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