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Week 5

Wednesday 6th May 2020

A reminder that tomorrow is a staff development day and Friday is a bank holiday. As a result, this will be the last activity upload of the week. If you have not yet been in contact with your class teacher then please send us an update of how you are doing. We hope you have a great bank holiday weekend and enjoy the sunshine!


Literacy – Real or alien words

Your literacy activity today is to read and sort these words into real or alien words! Don’t let the digraphs trick you! You could always underline them first if you need to!

King, shong, chug, rich, sheg, shell, theff, thid, hiss, bud, peg, neck, gas, shelf, brush, brell, spring, glench


Numeracy – 3D shapes

Today we would like you to explore 3D shapes in your house. First you could watch ‘Solid shapes’ and ‘Solid shapes around us’ on Espresso. The link to the website is listed below. Once you have learnt about different 3D shapes, we would like you to explore your house and look for different 3D shapes. Can you find a cube, cuboid, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, and cone? Once you have found them you could count how many faces, vertices and edges each shape has.


Topic – VE Day

As Friday is VE day, we would like you to learn what this celebration remembers. Uploaded at the bottom of the page is a PowerPoint, you could use this to talk about VE day with a grown up. If you wanted to do some more activities, there are some other resources uploaded below. You could:

  • Design a VE medal
  • Make a Union Jack flag or bunting and hang it in your window ready for VE day
  • Make a WW2 spitfire
  • WW2 colouring
  • Try a wartime recipe.


Online Activity – Busy Things

As it is soon the bank holiday weekend, we would like you to play a classroom favourite – Miner birds! Use your fingers or objects to work out the sums. You can find this game by logging onto Busy Things and clicking on:

Upper Reception -> Mathematics -> Calculating -> Miner birds: Addition and Subtraction.



Tuesday 5th May 2020


Literacy – Bug Club 

- Today we would like you to log on to Bug Club on your laptop or tablet! Read one of your allocated books. Look out for any little green bugs, if you see one make sure you click it to answer the questions (not all books have them!). 

When you have finished reading you might want to draw or paint one of your favourite illustrations from the book you have read.


Numeracy – Lego Numbers

- Write down numbers 11-20 on separate pieces of paper (you may need a grown up/your formation sheet to help you). Spread them out around the room in a random order. Can you build a Lego tower on each piece of paper using the matching amount of bricks? For example, if the piece of paper says 12 then your tower should be 12 bricks tall.  


Topic – Everybody Worries

- It's a very difficult time for everybody at the minute but especially for children! There are lots of confusing and worrying things happening in the world. A parent shared a link with us for a fantastic e-book that explores the worries your children may be going through at the minute. Please click the link below to read the e-book and discuss your thoughts and feelings. 



Monday 4th May 2020


Literacy – Junk mail hunting

Today we would like you to use magazines, newspapers or junk mail to spell 5 high frequency words that you are working on. Cut out each letter and stick them down to form the word. You could make each word 5 times and once you are confident, use a pencil to write each word from memory.

Remember your thumbs up when cutting (ensure your thumb is always on top, you are cutting upwards and your elbow is tucked in by your side).  



Numeracy – Subtraction reveal

Today we would like you to work on subtraction using practical objects. Use objects around the house to calculate some take away sums. Start using numbers below 10 and increase to 20 if you are confident. If you would like to add some magic to your maths then follow the instructions below:

  1. Fold some kitchen roll in half and write the sum, using felt tip pens, on the top layer.
  2. Get an adult to write the answer in a different colour pen on the second layer of kitchen roll.
  3. Once you have worked the sum out (using objects), put a teaspoon or pipette of water on the top sheet and it should reveal your answer!



Topic – Art and Design

We would like you to experiment with different colours and/or textures. You could:

  1. Make an under the sea craft using a variety of colours or textures
  2. Experiment with colour mixing

The pictures below will hopefully give you some inspiration as to what you could do!




Online Activity – Education City

Log on to Education City and practise some more subtraction sums. There are two games. If your brain had to work hard for the numeracy task above then have a go at ‘Sten’s party’. If you are feeling confident then have a go at ‘Take It Away’.

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