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Week 6

Friday 15th May 2020

Literacy – HFW Bingo and a Teddy Bear Story!

With help from a grown up, create a bingo grid with nine of your HFWs that you are learning. You might want to create two or three different grids so your siblings or parents can play along too! Ask a grown up to read random words from the HFW list, if one of the words matches your grid then you can cross it off. Can you get three in a row or a full house? Don't forget to shout 'Bingo!' when you do! 

- At some point in the day (maybe before lunch time, or when you go to bed) take one of your teddies to the reading den you built earlier in the week and read your favourite story to them.  


Numeracy – Time

NOTE FOR PARENTS - Time is something that is difficult to understand so we have listed lots of examples of how you could do this. Please don't feel obliged to do them all! Some may be appropriate and some may not be appropriate for where you child is on their learning journey. At this stage, we are looking for your child to use everyday language related to time. 


You could:

- Log onto Education City and play 'Wakey Wakey' - this task is tricky. 

- Sort the activity cards uploaded below into day and night. 

- Have a look at the home learning challenge sheets called 'Measuring Time' and 'Talking about time'. You could do one activity from each sheet.

- Sort the activity cards uploaded below into their seasons. 

- Create your own timetable, similar to the one we use in our classroom (picture example below). When you're making your timetable, think carefully about the language you are using. Such as: next, later, then, before and after. Throughout the day, use this language when following and talking about your visual timetable. 



Topic – Music and Dance

- Choose a song that you enjoy listening to; it could be a nursery rhyme or maybe a song you've heard on the radio. Can you create a dance that follows the beat of the music? Listen to the music carefully and move your body to the beat. We would love to see a video of your dance moves! 


Online Activity – Addition and Subtraction Games

Click the following links to play an addition and subtraction game. 





Thursday 14th May 2020

Literacy – Picnic list

Today we would like you to write a list of all the things you would love to have in a picnic basket. Use your letter formation sheet to help with your write your letters correctly. Remember, your words don’t have to be spelt correctly, as long as you have used all of the sounds that you can hear. Once you have written your list you could have your picnic in the garden or your living room!


Numeracy – Using positional language

Your maths work today is all to do with positional language. Uploaded at the bottom of the page are 2 home learning challenge sheets explaining how you could do this. If you find understanding positional language tricky then go for, ‘Using positional language’. If you are confident understanding positional language, then go for ‘Describing our position’.


Topic – PE

For PE today we would like you to work on your ball skills. Practise throwing and catching with a partner. Set yourself a target of how many you can throw/catch and see if you can keep beating it. 


Online Activity – Busy Things

Log onto Busy Things and have a go at placing objects into the correct place. This will help you to practise your reading too! You can find this game by clicking on:

Early Years -> Upper Reception -> Literacy, Communication and Language -> Word reading -> Read the caption.



Wednesday 13th May 2020

Literacy – Den Reading 

- We know that you have been doing lots of reading at home but today we would like you to do something a little bit different. We would like you build your very own reading den! This could be made inside or outside, you could use bed sheets and cushions, tables and chairs; it is completely up to you. Try to make an exciting, special place where you can go and read your favourite books. When you're reading, how many HFWs can you spot in your book? What was your favourite part of the story? 





Numeracy – One More and One Less 

- To get your brains ready for some maths, we would like you to play Fastest Finger. Ask a grown up or an older sibling to say a number (between 1 and 10) and show that amount of fingers as quickly as possible! You could have a competition to see who can do it the quickest. 

- Secondly, click on the document attached below (called 'Weds - One More, One Less'). The document is split into three different difficulties, getting trickier on each page. Work out what is one more and one less than the number in the robot's tummy. If you can't print it off then please don't worry, you can just write your answers down on a piece of paper. You might need to use your fingers to help you work out your answers!  


Topic – Become a Photographer! 

- Today we would like you to go for a walk and take a device with you that can take photos (e.g. a camera, phone or tablet). Use your device to photograph any animals/creatures that you can find. Can you spot any birds, cats, insects? When you get home you can look through the photos on your device and discuss what you have found. 


Online Activity - Creatures of Habitat (Education City)

- Log on to Education City. An activity has been assigned to your homework section - it is called 'Creatures of Habitat'. You can play the activity on a tablet or laptop. You will explore where you might find different animals and their different types of habitats. 



Tuesday 12th May 2020

Literacy – Bug Club

Please log on to Bug Club and read one of your Bug Club books. Remember to click on the bugs as you go to answer questions about what you have read.


Numeracy – Capacity

Today we would like you explore capacity. You could do this in a variety of ways!

  1. Get lots of different containers and explore how much water they hold. Practise filling them up and emptying the water slowly. At each stage, use the language below to describe what the container looks like:
    1. Full
    2. Nearly full
    3. Half-full
    4. Half-empty
    5. Nearly empty
    6. Empty
  2. Print and order the picture cards uploaded at the bottom of the page. Use language to describe the water in containers.
  3. Have a go at saving Finley Fish! His letter asking for help and instructions are also uploaded below.


Topic – Health and Self-care

Today we would like you discuss the importance of a healthy diet with an adult. You could have a look at the food in your kitchen and sort items into healthy choices and items you could have as a treat.



Monday 11th May 2020

We hope you've all had a brilliant long weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather (other than yesterday - it was very windy!). 


Literacy – Name Building and Writing 

- To get your brains warmed up, we would like you to practise building/writing your name. If you’re still learning to write your name then your task is to build your name using the post-its by putting them in the correct order! If you can write your name already then  practise keeping your letters sitting on the line and making sure tall letters and descending letters are formed correctly.

- Next, we would love to hear what you have been up to over the weekend. Write a sentence about what you and your family have done. For a challenge, can you include the word ‘and’ or ‘because’ in your sentence? Don’t forget a capital letter and full stop!


Numeracy – Weight

- For today's numeracy we would like you to explore 'weight'. Find the following objects around your house (adults, if you don't have one of the objects please try and choose something similar if you can): a piece of paper, a pencil, a mug, a bag of sugar, a leaf, a large book, a t-shirt, a saucepan, a tea spoon and a big bottle of juice/drink. Split your floor into two sections, one side for HEAVY and the other for LIGHT. Move each object into the correct area, discussing why you think it belongs there. 


As a bonus challenge, can you find out which object is the heaviest and which is the lightest?    


Topic – DIY Musical Instruments (Sorry parents!) 

- This is an activity that all the mummies and daddies are going to love! Your activity is to make/build your very own musical instrument. You could make a maraca using rice and plastic cups or stones and an empty bottle. Or maybe you could build some drums using cardboard boxes. Decorate your musical instruments and see what sounds you can make with it - we cannot wait to see/hear them! 


Online Activity -

- Visit the CBeebies website ( and choose a game to play. You might pick an Octonauts Adventure or Mr Tumble's Shining Stars; there are lots to choose from! 


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