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Week 6

Azalea's very colourful instrument!
Blake's instrument also acts as a toy!
Blake exploring what is 'heavy' or 'light'.
Daisy's VE Day colouring.
Alize has made some pictures.
Here are some more...
Eliza's under the water scene. What a great crab!
Eliza's VE Day decorations.
Eliza has been counting and building towers.
Florence's teddies joining home school today!
Florence's real and alien words.
Grace enjoyed weighing objects.
Harper's VE Day bunting.
Lucy colouring her union jack flag.
Lucy's VE Day medal!
Jacks made a drum kit with objects.
Shriyen's home made instrument looks fab!
Jaks sorted heavy and light objects.
Kaya made an under the water scene. Great texture!
Lucy celebrated VE Day with a street party.
Shriyen enjoyed sorting objects by their weight.
Mia enjoyed sorting the heavy and light objects.
Sophia's 3D shape hunt.
Sophia made a British flag.
Tommy's junk mail words.
Jaks made a superhero number line!
Tommy's under the water scene!
Jaks' magic maths.
Well done Shriyen for building your name!
Harrison made a very impressive guitar.
Logan made two fantastic instruments!
Logan has also been busy name writing.
Max made some very tasty VE Day cakes.
Sophie really enjoyed the weighing activity.
Great recording, Sophie!
Brilliant shopping Sophie!
Alize has been litter picking in the woods.
Alize has been helping her mum bake.
Alex's superb writing.
Alex is learning about the butterfly cycle.
Alex experimenting with colour.
Daisy's home made guitar!
Wow, Eliza's now read 175 since starting reception
Grace enjoyed exploring in her kitchen.
Look what Alize found in the woods!
Grace helped saved Finley Fish!
Harper's been working hard on his maths.
Mia enjoyed learning about capacity.
Sophie's lego towers are superb!
Mia's reading den! It looks so cosy!
Shriyen learning about a varied diet.
Shriyen enjoyed finding a home for Finley Fish
Willow has been baking a lemon cake at home!
Willow dancing and singing outside.
Sophie loved weighing different objects.
Sophie's VE Day afternoon tea looked yummy.
Tommy saved Finley Fish!
Tommy's been busy helping in the garden.
Azalea did a fantastic job with her maths!
Azalea enjoyed exploring capacity.
Ernest did a great job sorting based on weight.
Ernest working really hard on his name writing.
Ernest made a fantastic reading den!
Rosie had a great idea for making music!
Blake did a great job writing his picnic list.
Emelia can now ride her bike without stabilisers!
Eva-Lili with a magical fairy door!
Eva enjoyed painting her instrument.
Grace has been practising her name writing.
James doing a great job with his maths.
A fantastic guitar, James!
Max has been teaching phonics to his sister.
Max made a splash looking at capacity!
James on one of his many bike rides!
Riccardo made an excellent guitar.
Riccardo thought carefully about capacity.
Rosie thought carefully about healthy foods.
Rosie enjoyed taking photos on her nature walk.
Sophie in her den!
Sophie took lots of photos on her nature walk.
Max made a great list for his picnic!
Max had a great time taking photos on his walk.

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