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Week 7

Alize's holiday with her teddies!
Alize enjoyed a picnic!
Aderiyike has been playing scrabble.
Eliza helped save Finley Fish.
Eliza's nature walk.
Eliza practised her prepositions.
Grace has been learning how to tell the time.
Ella measuring how heavy and light objects are.
Grace's phonics work! Well done!
Harper has been learning about seasons.
Ella learning about capacity!
Aderiyike turned into scales to measure weight!
Jaks helped save Finley fish!
Jaks has been practising his high frequency words.
Kaya made a lantern for the garden!
Sophia playing 'What's the time Mr Wolf?'
Thomas making his musical instrument.
Sophia learning about the different seasons.
Sophia practising her name writing!
Ava has been working hard on her handwriting.
Blake in his fantastic reading den!
Logan and Tristan enjoyed a skittles experiment!
Logan made some delicious looking cupcakes.
Luca enjoyed the one more and one less activity.
Luca has planted some bean sprouts!
Alize has been making the most of the sunshine!
Amelia has been baking at home.
Amelia practising her 'words of the week'.
Alize riding her scooter!
Eliza has been mouth painting.
Eliza's huge jenga looks like lots of fun!
Eliza giving her daddy a hair cut.
Amelia found some fairy doors in the woods!
Grace learning about whales!
Grace doing some under the sea research.
The finished product! Super writing Grace!
Harper working hard at home.
Shriyen loves his reading den!
Shriyen's mud kitchen.
Isabelle enjoying the sand in the sun!
Lucy's wonderful under the sea research
Lucy has been practising her doubles!
Mia's skittles science - it looks so cool!
Sophie has been den building in the woods
Sophia weighing different objects.
Sophie has been working on her HFWs! Well done!
Thomas doing some under the sea research!
He found a starfish!
Tommy using his fingers to work out his maths.
Tommy can ride his bike without stabilisers!!!
Tommy's picnic list is superb!
Blake really enjoyed the Skittles experiment!
Blake using his ladybird for doubling.
Ella enjoyed baking with her sister.
Ernest had fun doing the Skittles activity.
Ernest wrote about watching Blue Planet.
Max's fantastic artwork!
Max has been counting in 5s!
Grace has done really with her doubling.
Max is a fantastic shopkeeper!
Max's fantastic labelling of a pufferfish.
Rosie doing some excellent doubling.
Rosie enjoyed the science experiment!
Sophie enjoyed doing some colourful science!
Alize has read 177 books since starting reception!
Alize working hard on her doubling.
Ella has enjoyed some maths robot work.
Shriyen shared his lunch with lots of his teddies.
Grace's skittle experiment! It looks fab.
Grace lost a tooth and the tooth fairy came!
Harper enjoyed playing the phonic board game.
Shriyen made a pattern with cars!
Mia working hard on her double ladybirds.
Willow loved visiting Thurnham Castle
Jaks shared his lunch with his teddies.
Jaks enjoying the sunny weather
Mia's doubling ladybirds.
Shriyen's fabulous octopus!
Willow's garden reading den.
Willow has been litter picking - well done!!!

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