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Week 7

Friday 22nd May

We hope that all of you are safe and well at home and have enjoyed this term of home learning as much as you possibly could. This will be our last upload of activities until term recommences on 1st June. We hope that you enjoy the weather and take care of yourselves! Maybe even home school will finish a little bit early today...


Literacy – Read and Race

Uploaded below is a phonics board game for you to play. There are three different versions. They are ordered in level of ability, so have a look to see which one is most suited to you. If you haven’t got anyone to play with you could do some speed reading. How quickly can you read the entire board? Try to beat your time over the week.


Numeracy – Teddy Bears Picnic

A few weeks ago, we had a teddy bears picnic where we shared items of food between 2/3 bears. Today we would like you to recreate this activity but make things trickier (if you managed ok last time). Today, can you share your lunch between 3 or 4 bears? Remember, the teddies all need an equal amount of food.


Topic – History

We are hoping that this task will be enjoyed by all of the family! We would like you to have a look at some old family photos and compare them to life now. Talk about who the people are and when the photos were taken.


Online Activity – Busy Things

Log onto Busy Things and choose a game from the ‘Top 40 activities’. You will find this in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.




Thursday 21st May 2020

Literacy – Animal Writing

- Think of your favourite under the sea creature. Draw a picture of this animal (you might want to use a picture from a book or the internet to help you) and label each part of the creature. Try to add extra detail, for example: you could label sharp teetha hard shell or long fins

- Can you create a sentence that describes your favourite animal? 


Numeracy – Exploring Patterns

Choose one of the following pattern activities (you can obviously complete both if you would like to!):


1. For this activity you will need Lego or something similar (e.g duplo or coloured bricks). Using your knowledge of patterns, get creative and make some patterns using Lego bricks. Maybe you could use people as well as bricks or maybe your pattern could build a tower.


2. For this activity you will need various fruits and some kebab skewers. With help from a grown up, can you cut up the fruit and create a fruity kebab pattern? This activity is great because you get to eat the fruit kebab after! 


Don't forget - a pattern can have more than two parts. For example: grape, grape, apple, grapegrape, apple.





Topic – Become Joe Wicks! 

- Rather than watching and following a Joe Wick's workout today, we would like you to become Joe Wicks and create your very own workout! With support from a grown up or older sibling, create your own workout and get your family to complete it together. Some exercises that you could include are: star jumps, knee tucks, stretches, leg raise, hop, touch your toes, etc.


How does your body feel after completing your workout?


Online Activity – Alphablocks Quiz

- Click the link below to play the Alphablocks Quiz on the CBeebies website. Once you have completed the quiz, you might choose to explore some of the other games available on CBeebies.



Wednesday 20th May 2020

Literacy – Matching pairs

Today, we would like you to play matching pairs with 4 of the high frequency words you are working on. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Fold a piece of A4 paper three times to give you eight equal rectangles (this is also great for introducing the idea of ‘half’ as you fold the paper!).
  2. Cut out the rectangles (remember your thumbs up).
  3. Write each word twice on different rectangles.
  4. Mix the rectangles up and turn them over, face down.
  5. Take turns turning over 2 rectangles at a time. You get to keep the cards if they are a pair!
  6. The person that has the most matching pairs at the end is the winner!


Numeracy – Money

Your numeracy task today is to explore money. First, have a look at various coins and see how much each coin is worth. Then we would like you to make come coin rubbings. Place paper over the coins and start rubbing the coins with colouring pencils or crayons. Once you have finished, can you match the coin to the rubbing?


Topic – Art and Design

We have heard that lots of you found doubling tricky on Monday and think you could do with some more practise! We would like you to make ladybirds! After putting a certain number of dots on one side, can you put the same amount on the other? What is double that number?


Online Activity – Top Marks

To have a little bit more practise with money, have a go at Top Marks ‘Coins Game’. Once you have clicked on the link, you could sort or order the coins. Counting may be a little bit trickier! 



Tuesday 19th May 2020

Literacy – Bug Club

- Please log on to Bug Club and read one of your Bug Club books. Remember to click on the bugs as you go to answer questions about what you have read. We will be checking to see who has logged on and read in order to keep track of progress. 


Numeracy – Dice Addition

- For today's numeracy activity you will need two dice/an online dice roller (parents you could make your own dice if you're feeling brave!). Roll each dice and write the numbers down as an addition sum, for example: 2 + 6 = __. Some of you might be able to find the answer in your head, using your fingers or adding objects. Use whatever method works best for you! 


- To continue your addition skills, click on the link to play Robot Addition. Start by finding answers up to 10. You might choose to challenge yourself by trying answers up to 15 or even to 20! (


Topic – Colourful Science
Choose one of the following science activities:


1 - Magical Dancing Milk: for this activity you’ll need a shallow dish/plate, full-fat milk, food colouring, cotton buds and washing up liquid. Pour some milk into the dish, add some drops of food colouring, then dab with a cotton bud dipped in washing up liquid. Use a few different colours at the same time for maximum impact, and try dabbing in different places. See what different colours you can make!


2 - Taste the Rainbow: for this activity you’ll need a shallow dish/plate, warm water (the hotter the better but be careful!) and a bag of skittles. First you need to arrange your skittles around the plate without putting the same colours next to each other; you may choose to do a pattern. Next, gently begin pouring water in the middle of the plate until it reaches all the skittles and just barely covers them. Finally, sit back and observe the magic!


3 - A Fizzy Surprise: take a cupcake tray and fill each section with a drop of food colouring. Add a spoonful of baking soda to the food colouring. Don’t mix it as you want to keep the food colouring hidden and a surprise.  Slowly and carefully add a drop of vinegar onto the baking soda. This should make the two substances bubble and fizz! The colour underneath should then be revealed and mix with the liquids.





Monday 18th May 2020

Literacy & topic – Under the sea writing

Today we would like you to do some research about our topic, under the sea. Once you have found out something new, talk with an adult about how you could put this into a sentence. Write your sentence into your book, using your letter formation sheet. Below are some suggestions of how you could research under the sea:

  • Watch an episode of Blue Planet. Episodes are around 45 mins long, so you could view some short clips using the link below if you’d prefer:

  • Watch a clip about animals that live in the sea:

  • Have a look on National Geographic kids. There are some fact sheets about animals. Or you could have a look on their YouTube channel to find out information about an animal you are interested in:


Numeracy – Doubling

It has been a long time since we have looked at doubling! Doubling has been introduced as ‘twice as many’. To remind you what doubling is, first watch ‘Numberblocks – Double Trouble’.


We would then like you to explore doubles. Using household objects (pebbles/blocks/pasta pieces/cotton buds etc.), place 1 object in front of a mirror. How many can you see now? It is great practise to say aloud “Double 1 is …”. Repeat all the way to 10 objects and record what you see in your book.  

Other ways to practise:

  • If you have any dominoes at home, you could try and find all the doubles.
  • Play doubles! Sit opposite a grown up. The grown up with then need to a show a number (with objects or using your fingers). Can you make double that number?
  • Make a tower of blocks. Can you build a tower that is double the height or length?


Online Activity – Education City

Log onto Education City and click on your city called ‘Home learning – 18.5.2020'. Play Cat Cosy.

Once you have played the first game, it will unlock a harder version to challenge you even more!

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