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Wk beg 13.7.20 Activities from Mrs Watts

Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020


Hello 3B, soon to be 4HW!


It is Mrs Watts here.   I was so disappointed that we had to cancel our picnic last Wednesday, because of the rain.  I was looking forward to meeting you in person – I will now look forward to doing that in September when we are all back at school.


Just in case you are not sure who I am - or have forgotten over the long weeks of lockdown - here is a picture of me (at one of my favourite places in the world, Cornwall).

Mrs Watts

This week, I am going to be setting your home learning tasks and these are to help me to get to know you a little in advance.


This week’s activities:

  • All About Me sheet.  I have put together an All About Me sheet to find out some of your favourite things, and some information about you.  I have filled one in with information about me for you to read, and there is a blank one for you to fill in and send back to me.
  • Lego figure sheet.  The theme for our classroom is going to be Lego next year, so I would like you to design yourself as a Lego mini-figure.  I have attached a template for you to use – or you could draw it yourself if you prefer. 
  • I Am An Awesome Team Member – complete the balloon sheet with things that make you awesome!


Please send this through to me –


Summer Challenge Activity

This is something you can work on over the summer holiday.  We can then share the work together as a class in the earlier part of next term.


You have a choice from the following:


  • What Makes Me Happy? I would like you to create a piece of work that reflects what makes you happy.  It might focus on an activity that you like to do, music that makes you happy, people who makes you happy, things in the natural world that make you happy – it is completely up to you.  You can choose how to present your ideas. 


You might want to produce:

  • A painting, drawing or collage
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A poem or story
  • A letter to me
  • A dance, song or rap

The possibilities are endless. 



  • A “Me” Box


Using a shoe box of something similar, fill it with items (could be photographs, drawings or objects), that tell us something about you.  It could relate to your memories (perhaps you saved a ticket from a special day out), or to things you enjoy doing (you might have a badge or certificate for a sport that you do in your spare time).


Questions – if you have any questions for me, then please ask your parents/carers to email them through and I will do my best to answer them.


Lastly, stay safe and have a fantastic summer holiday!



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