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Week Beg. 23.3.20

Week 23rd – 27th March 2020  


Day and Night 


You all know that day and night are caused by the Earth’s rotation around the Sun.  That’s a very simple explanation!  The home learning this week will enable to you to learn more, explain in your own words and demonstrate your creativity as you research and present your understanding.



Alien letter from A3 -Bung - Open with caution!

We would like you to:

  • Find and observe pictures and videos of the Sun, Earth and Moon and describe them using a range of scientific and mathematical vocabulary (sphere, spherical, axis, rotation, approximately).
  • Draw, label and describe how the rotation of the Earth is the reason for day and night.
  • Research nocturnal animals and create a short information text about one animal and explain how it has adapted to life in the dark.
  • Create a picture of either the Earth, Sun, Moon or any combination of them, using something other than pen and pencil. (You could use collage, clothes, natural materials …)  Take a photograph and send it to us.
  • Either find a poem about the Sun or Moon from online or book, or you could write your own.  Write it out in your best handwriting and decorate with appropriate illustrations.


We’ll be putting examples of your work onto the class pages to show others what you’ve been learning (with adult permission of course!)

Of course, you need to be reading on Bug Club and anything else that takes your fancy and continue to practise your times tables and spellings.


If you have any questions about your learning, want to send us the work you’ve completed, or just write us a letter to keep in touch, please email:

Mrs Decarte (5D)                                         

Mrs Thakur (5PT) Mon-Weds       

Mrs Palmer-Horwood (5PT) Weds – Fri

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