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Week Beginning 11.5.20 Volcanoes

Week beginning 11.5.20

Volcano Week

We hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the lovely sunshine. Did you do anything special for VE day? If you did send us a photo and we will put it on our class page. 

This week we will be finding out about volcanoes.


Aims: To Know how vocanoes are formed.

         To locate the Pacific ring of fire.

         To research a famous volcano.

         To know what type of rock is formed by a volcano.



Volcanoes are formed along cracks in the Earth's surface called fault lines. Our planet is like a big jigsaw and each piece of the jigsaw is called a tectonic plate. Complete the tectonic plate activity at the bottom of the page. Can you find out which tectonic plate we live on?


Do some research into the Pacific ring of fire. Where is it and why are there so many vocanoes there? Perhaps, you could find about some of the countries on the Pacific ring of fire and how many volcanoes they have.


Use your research skills to find out what types of rock are formed by volcanoes. You might even have some in the house. (There might be some in the bathroom).


We would like you to do a mini project on a famous volcano. You can draw pictures, make a fact sheet, do a powerpoint or think of another really imaginative way of presenting it. Some suggestions are: Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, Krakatoa, Mount Fuji or Eyjafjallajokull ( we can't say it either).


Finally, why not have a go at making a volcano. You could make a 3D working volcano or just build a model using lego or recycled junk. What about a bright colourful painting of a volcano at night? Be imaginative.


Lockdown Time Capsule

For the next two weeks we would also like you to have a go at the Lockdown Time Capsule. We are living through a very historic time and the capsule will help you remember it when you are grown up and very old like your teachers. 

Remember to keep reading and looking at Education City for your maths activities.

Have fun and keep in touch.

Mr Edwards and Mrs Pastor



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