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Week beginning 11th May

Hello 6B, 


To mix things up a little, the work you will be doing will be on Discovery Education. Please type this into Google and then once the page has opened, log in to Espresso.


Login: student17130

Password: grovepark


Some of these games may not work on an iPad, so it would be best to do this on a PC. Otherwise, try and find the iPad friendly games.







Week beginning 11th May


Tasks to be completed every day

Go to KS2, then English, then Grammar and Punctuation.


Monday – Choose ‘Word’

Tuesday – Choose ‘Sentence’

Wednesday – Choose ‘Text’

Thursday – Choose ‘Punctuation’

Friday – 1 activity from each section


Every day, complete 4 of the activities in each section by watching the video and the completing the quizzes and activities.


30 minutes reading a

book on Bug Club


Practising your next 10 spellings – refer to your reading log for which ones you need to practise. If you have completed them all, get your mum or dad to test you again. 


Go to KS2, then Maths.


Complete 4 of the maths activities each day. You can choose which ones you want to work on. You will need to watch the videos first and then complete the activities.


Remember to challenge yourself and not just do the ‘lower’ activities every time.



Depending on how confident you are with coding,

choose one of the games below to create on Scratch.

You can create your own account for free so that you can work on your project throughout the week. If you have any struggles, contact Mr Matthews who is an expert at coding!

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