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Grove Park Primary School

Week beginning 15th June

Hello year 6!


IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have written up your year book entry online before completing this week’s literacy task. If you have finished, please take another look to ensure you have added all emojis and have filled up all the spaces as much as possible. This will need to be finished by Friday so that we can send it off for print. Unfortunately, if you do not complete, we will have to delete your page and you will not appear in the year book.








Please watch the video ^ and then follow the given instructions to create your own stop motion animation – using household objects/toys etc.


When making your stop motion animation, consider the following:


-How do animators show the personality of characters in their animations?

-How can you re-imagine everyday objects, making them into characters that have personalities?

-What does the term anthropomorphize mean and why is it relevant to our work today?

-What is the narrative in your animation?


Please send Mr Denney and Miss Barney your creation – we are looking forward to seeing the final results.

Please complete the daily maths tasks set on BBC teach.



Each day will contain a different activity/task.



Please research a famous, influential black historical figure and create a poster showing your information.


We would like your poster to:


-be clear,


-be colourful,


-contain relevant historical facts,


-contain drawings,


-be presented in your best handwriting,



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