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Week beginning 1.6.20 Nutrition

Home learning week beginning 1.6.20


Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful half term!

This week we will learning about nutrition, healthy meals and looking after your teeth!



Why are we setting you this work?

Science curriculum:

I can identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amounts of nutrition.

I can show that animals cannot make their own food and they get nutrition from what they eat.

I can label and describe the simple functions of the digestive system in humans.

I can describe the functions of different types of teeth.

I can describe good care of teeth.


To start with:

Think about your favourite foods. Do you like to eat lots of different things? Do your family all like the same food or would you all choose something different if you could?!

Keep a food diary for the week and note down all the things you eat. Is there a mixture of different things on there? Savoury? Sweet? Healthy and less healthy choices?

Investigate why your body needs all these different foods- what do they use them for? We have learned about proteins, carbohydrates, dairy, vitamins and minerals, fats and fruit and vegetables and what our body uses all of these for in class. What can you remember (for example, your body uses dairy to build strong teeth and bones)? Find a way to show your family what you know- perhaps you could make a poster, a factsheet, a food pyramid, a game to play or come up with an idea of your own to teach your family.





Watch the videos on BBC bitesize (the links are below). These will introduce you to the digestive system.

Make a digestive system using tights and Weetabix to demonstrate how each part of the system works.





If you can, use a disclosing tablet on your teeth. It will show you where you clean your teeth well and any parts you might be missing. Perhaps your whole family could join in?!







Design and cook (with an adult to help) a healthy meal for your family. Try to include as many of the different food groups as you can (in the right amounts!) and perhaps have a sweet treat for dessert too! You could pretend you’re in a restaurant and have a fun family evening!

You could also do some baking this week (if you haven’t already!) or try something new that you haven’t eaten before. Perhaps a fruit salad with different fruits in or a new vegetable? Be brave!




For your literacy this week, we have included a link at the bottom of the page for ‘Talk for writing’. This is a new pack from the same people that set the ‘Trolls’ booklet and ‘Pandora’s Box’ booklet that you did before. You have two weeks to complete these. There are Year 2 and Year 3 booklets (and Year 1) for you to do.

Don’t forget to log onto Education City for your maths activities and bug club for reading and comprehension. Many of you have been doing this every week- well done!

Reading, spelling and times tables should still be practised and any life skills you learn can be shared too. Lots of you have learnt to ride your bikes, cook and bake, use DIY skills to help around the house and tell the time. Brilliant- keep it up!

Don’t forget, you must contact us at least once during the week to let us know you are okay. This is school policy and we will be emailing, ringing (and even knocking on your door if necessary!) to check you are safe and well.

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