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Week beginning 8.6.20 Light

Online learning week beginning 8.6.20

This week your project is all about




Why are we setting you this work?

Science curriculum aims:

  • I can explain how shadows are formed.
  • I can find patterns in the size of shadows.
  • I can observe and record the lengths of shadows at different times of day.
  • I can recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous and there are ways to protect one’s eyes.

We started learning about light in the first half of Year 3. Do you remember that we learnt that darkness is the absence of light, and that light travels in straight lines, when we did an experiment with a cardboard box, a torch and some holes? We also experimented with mirrors to learn about reflections, and made shadows to draw silhouettes of you all. This week, we would like you to continue your Year 3 learning about light following the next aims in the curriculum.

Please complete at least two of these activities:


  • Do you remember when we made our shadow silhouettes in the Year 3 area? We would like you to think again about shadows and how they are made. Make shadow puppets and put on a show of a well-known story: The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, or another one of your choice. How can you make the shadows clearer? How could you make a character appear bigger?  What happens when you move your puppets closer or further away from the light source?

When you have finished experimenting with your puppets, write a little explanation of how shadows are made. You could also write about what you discovered about how to change the appearance of the shadows.




  • Observe and record the length of a shadow at different times of the day. (You will need to check the weather forecast and choose a sunny day for this one!) You could use an object which is already in your garden or place an object in the same spot (or stand in the same spot yourself!) and observe/take a picture/draw around the shadow at different points in the day to see how it changes.

Follow-up questions: would your shadow appear differently at different times of year? Can you do some research to find out?

Why does this happen?





  • What is the main source of light in our world? The Sun! Have a look at the Twinkl Sun Safety PowerPoint which we have saved at the bottom of this page. Then, make a poster with safety rules about how to avoid damaging your eyes with light from the sun.





To help you:

  • Have a look on the BBC Bitesize website: Light and dark. There are a variety of videos on this website to help explain about light and shadows, along with some follow-up activity ideas
  • We have also put some science 'learn screens' on Education City for you to look at; these will recap some of what you have already learnt and help you with your tasks.


For your literacy this week, we would like you to continue to work on your ‘Talk for writing’ activities which you started last week. Remember that there are Year 2 and 3 activities (and Year 1) for you to do.

Don’t forget to log in to Education City for your numeracy activities and science learn screens and bug club for reading and comprehension. We can see how much you are completing and how well you are doing – well done to those of you logging on each week!

Keep up the reading, spelling and times tables, as well as those all-important life skills!

Don’t forget, you must contact us at least once during the week so we know that you are okay. Have a good week and stay safe!

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