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Grove Park Primary School

Week beginning 8th June

Hello year 6!


So this is exciting! Some of us will be doing this work at school and others will be doing it at home. However, we will ALL be completing the same work.

Any problems, please don’t forget to ask.







Monday and Tuesday – Write a detailed answer to each of these questions:


  • What I want to be when I grow up
  • My best friends
  • The things I enjoy most at school
  • What I’m good at
  • What I have achieved this year at school
  • My aims for next year
  • My favourite activity at school this year
  • My funniest moment at school
  • What I will miss most at school
  • How I think I will be remembered
  • My favourite moment at school
  • My best piece of work ever
  • My best achievement at school
  • Where I see myself in 10 years time.


Wednesday – Friday


We will be providing a log on to a special website where you will be able to add in your year book entry. Here you will be able to personalise your page with emojis, photos and text and answer 4 of your most detailed questions above.


This is going to be PUBLISHED! So we expect you to spell check it all and ensure all punctuation is accurate. If you are unsure, please check with your Mum or Dad.

Logins will come to you by Wednesday.

I have published a folder called ‘Maths Assessment’ in the classwork section.


Complete an assessment of your choice each day and complete the revision guide that is provided for you after. This will be found on the left after you have clicked quit. The symbol will be an orange tick. 


Please only spend an hour a day on this.

You will be learning the positioning of all the countries of Europe. By the end of the week, your target is to get 80% on the final quiz.


Each day, apart from Friday, we would like you to TRY and achieve 100% by replaying the quiz until you get it all right. This is a memory game so keep on going! On Friday, keep on going until you achieve at least 80%.


Monday -


Tuesday -


Wednesday -


Thursday -


Friday -

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