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Wk beg 15.6.20 Sound


This week's topic is all about sound.We have already done a little bit in school but don't worry if you have forgotten, there are some reminders below.


This week's learning


I can listen to and describe sound through a variety of mediums.

I can recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear. 



I school, we talked about sound occurs when an object sends vibrations through a medium to our ears. The medium could be air, water or even a solid object like a wall. Have you ever listened to sounds under water? Put your ear to a wall and try and listen to sounds coming from the other side. What do you notice? Why do you think the sound changes?


Try at least two of the following activities this week.



Make a yoghurt pot telephone. Most adults will have made one when they were a child and they will need to help you make the holes in the yoghurt pots. They are great fun to make but can you explain how they work?



Go on a sound safari in your home, garden or local area but make sure your adults know where you are. Listen for sounds and write them down on your sheet. Can you tell if they are manmade or natural sounds? Some sounds are low and some are high, why do you think this is? This video clip might help you. 


How can we see sound? Watch the youtube clip and then invent your own experiment to see sound or just try and recreate the experiment in the video. 



Make a musical instrument from recycled materials. You might want to make a percussion, string or wind instrument. What do these words mean? Can you change the pitch of your instrument? Have fun with this one but try not to make it too loud just in case your grown ups get a bit grumpysmiley


You must also remember to read this week, bug club has lots of amazing books to choose from or just choose one of your own. You must check Education City for your numeracy activities. You must email or contact us every week to tell us you are okay. We will be checkingcool.



What have we done this week?

Enjoying the maths tasks! Well done!
Your first home grown courgette- wow!
Hopscotch fun!
Brilliant sound project! Well done!
Such interesting facts! Well done!
Great explanation- brilliant!
A fabulous home made guitar!
What can you hear? How does the sound change?
A yogurt pot telephone- how does it work?
A great sound experiment! Brilliant!
Great maths, Luca! Well done!
Brilliant explanations, Luca!
A great experiment to understand vibrations!
A fantastic piece of writing, Gabriel! Well done!
Brilliant rainsticks, Gabriel!
What a fabulous, homemade guitar! Well done!
Did you have fun making this? How does it work?
Looking after your fairy garden, Karis- brilliant!
A day at the beach with Nanny- how wonderful!
Relaxing with dad- who won the game?
Great sound safari, Harry P!
Working for your Cubs badge, Harry P. Well done!
A great sound safari! Fabulous!
Helping out in the farm- wonderful!
A great sound safari, Charlie E! Great listening!
A great string telephone... who did you call?!
A fab explanation of your string telephone, Jack!
Brilliant sound facts, Jack! Well done!
Talking to your brother on the ‘phone’!

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