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Week beginning 18.5.20 Europe

Week beginning 18.5.20

Welcome to another week of home schooling! This is our last week before half term!

This week, we are going on an imaginary journey! Unfortunately, due to this nasty virus, travelling to other countries (and around the United Kingdom) is not allowed at the moment. However, we would like you to imagine that you can choose any European country to visit when the virus has gone away!



So we would like you to…

Create a travel brochure or leaflet trying to persuade people to go to your chosen country. You should include photos/draw pictures of your country to make the brochure look as interesting as possible. Use headings and sub-headings to add interesting facts and information. Use adjectives and noun phrases to create vivid descriptions of the country so people can imagine in their head what it will be like when they visit. Add a map of Europe and show where the country is.

You should also include information about:

How can they get there- plane, train, ferry, car?

Why should they visit?

What can they do there?

Are there any exciting places to visit while they are there? Can you name some cities in the country? Are there any famous landmarks? Famous or important rivers?

What is unique about it? Is it the biggest island, the smallest city, does it have the most blue flag beaches?

What is the temperature in the summer? In the winter? Does this affect what you can do during these times? For example, can you ski in the winter and go to the beach in the summer?

What can you tell people about its population?

Does it have mountains? If it does, can you name the mountain range? What is the tallest mountain?

Does it have lots of beaches? What sea or ocean is it near? Or is it landlocked…?

What currency do they use?

What language do they speak?

Can you find the words to say ‘hello’ ‘goodbye’ ‘please’ ‘thank you’?

Anything else you find interesting!



Why are we asking you to do this?


Geography Curriculum:

To identify Europe on a world map

To use vocabulary such as: population, inhabitants, mountain range (and names), diversity (eg languages spoken), location, country, city, landmass, sea and ocean, island, landlocked, rivers (and names), longest, highest, tallest, biggest, smallest

Literacy curriculum:

To use paragraphs as a way to group related material- for example, writing information about population in one paragraph and information about landmarks in another.

To use headings and sub-headings to aid presentation- have a clear title and heading for each thing you are going to write about.

To understand how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning- clear headings, paragraphs and facts will help the reader understand what you are writing about.


We look forward to seeing which countries you pick and why you would like to go there. Remember, it must be a country in Europe! Looking at your brochures and leaflets will give us all a chance to use our imaginations and ‘fly away’ to these exciting places in our minds even if we can’t visit them for real at the moment!


Don’t forget, you must also read every day, log onto Education City for your maths tasks, answer comprehension questions on Bug Club and continue with your time capsule activity to do with the virus and being in lockdown. When you are grown up, you will be able to look back at this and remember all the things you did.

You must also keep practising your times tables and HFW.


Have a good week. Remember to email at least once so we know you are safe and well and send pictures for us to put on our class page!



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