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Wk beg 22.6.20 Electricity

Week beginning 22.6.20


Welcome to another week of home schooling!

This week, your project is going to be all about electricity.


Why do we want you to learn about this?

Science objectives:

  • Identify and name common appliances that run on electricity
  • Label appliances that run on high and low voltage electricity
  • Identify and describe sources of electricity for appliances including mains, battery, solar and others
  • Recognise circuits that are/are not complete



This week we want you to do the following:

Search your house and garden for objects that use electricity to make them work.

Identify whether they work using the mains electricity, a battery, solar power or other power.


Search high and low voltage- what does it mean? Sort your electrical items into those that run on high voltage and those that run on low voltage.



Do you remember making your sleigh in year 2? You made an electrical circuit to make the headlamp light up. Look at the sheets attached to the bottom of the page. Can you decide if the circuits will light up or not? Why/why not? There are also some electrical circuit activities on education city that we’ve set for you but unfortunately they don’t work on a table- you’ll have to complete them on a laptop or computer if you want to have a go.


Make a list of all the electrical appliances you use this week. Perhaps you can help out at home and use the vacuum cleaner in your room (!) or the freezer to make ice pops in the hot weather. How many appliances did you use? Are there any that you could have swapped for something that isn’t electrical- perhaps a games console for a board game? A fan for a water squirter?


Don’t forget to finish your talk for writing literacy work, complete your education city maths and you must still read every day. Your parents need to remember to email us to let us know you are safe and well too!

The weather is also going to be very hot this week- do you remember learning about the sun during our ‘light’ week? Think about the sun safety ideas you had and make sure you stay safe and cool in the sun!




What have we been up to this week?

Fabulous voltage work! Well done!
Great hunt for electrical items! Well done!
Very brave at the skate park- what fun!
Brilliant DIY skills- good work!
A visit to a solar farm for your project! Great!
Great electrical appliance hunt, Gabriel!
Brilliant circuits, Gabrlel! Well done!
More fantastic circuits, Gabriel!
Amazing origami, Gabriel!
More fantastic origami by Gabriel!
Abstract art from Gabriel- a budding artist!
Wow! Gabriel! Modern art at its best!
A day at Knole Park with the deer- wonderful!
Keeping your maths skills fresh- well done!
Working so hard- fantastic focus!
Amazing electricity facts, Luca! Great work!
Brilliant circuits too, Luca! Well done!
Amazing circuits, Charlie S! Well done!
A brilliant poster with lots of facts, Charlie S!!
Fantastic work, Charlie S!
Keeping cool in the hot weather- great fun!
 Maths, sci, lit, reading... brilliant Jack!
Great electrical swaps, Jack! Games and gardening!
Fabulous maths, Lizzie! Well done!
Wow! You’ve built an Android! Fabulous!
Great artwork, Brooke! Well done!
A working circuit ready to make a torch! Brill!
Great electrical hunt! Loads of items! Fabulous!
Great project, Jocelyn! Well done!
Wow- you’ve turned your circuit into a lava lamp!
Fabulous Harry P!

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