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Wk beg 23.3.20 Space

This week, your project is all about SPACE.


I can name the planets in our solar system.

I can talk about the phases of the moon.


Choose from these ideas or create your own. You can choose to complete as many as you want but you must complete at least one planet task and the moon task.



  • Research and name the planets in our solar system. Create a poster or non-fiction piece of writing about the planet you find most interesting.
  • Make up a rhyme using the first letter of each planet to help you remember them. Make a poster to share it with others.
  • An astronaut’s diary: Imagine you are an astronaut. Your mission is to visit all the planets in the solar system on one journey. Write a diary using facts about each planet. Remember, you are the first astronaut to do this EVER so make it exciting! Add pictures, thoughts and feelings as well as facts.
  • Keep a moon diary or chart about the phases of the moon for a month (if it’s a cloudy night, don’t worry too much). What happens to the shape of the moon? Can you explain why this happens?


As an extra:

Make a junk model of a rocket or an alien!

Paint a picture of an alien or a planet

Make a model of our solar system


Remember to enjoy making your projects and share them with us! We can’t wait to see them. If your parents/carer send us a photo and give us permission, we can share them with the class on the website. If you have a great idea, we can add it to the list above for everyone to try. Keep checking in case something new is added.


  • You must also read every day, practise your high frequency words and try to complete some activities on Education city or Bug Club. Try some mindfulness to relax and activity to keep your body moving! 


Enjoy your first week of home learning and make sure to help out around the house too!



Project pictures!

Project pictures!  1 Great solar system picture! Well done!
Project pictures!  2 Practising French too- très bien!
Project pictures!  3 Fabulous mnemonic Freya! Well done!
Project pictures!  4 Brilliant, Charlie E! Great compass work!
Project pictures!  5 Swimming under nachos! Great, Charlie B!
Project pictures!  6 A fabulous project- well done!
Project pictures!  7 Brilliant solar system, Harry P!
Project pictures!  8 Loving the alien, Harry P!!
Project pictures!  9 A fabulous model, Luca!
Project pictures!  10 Great information, Luca!
Project pictures!  11 Lots of information about Neptune, Ruby!
Project pictures!  12 Great alliteration here, Ruby!
Project pictures!  13 A fabulous space project!
Project pictures!  14 Your own project idea too! Great!
Project pictures!  15 Interesting pollution facts! Brilliant!
Project pictures!  16 Brilliant projects! Well done!
Project pictures!  17 Life skills- making pancakes with your brother!
Project pictures!  18 Life skills- eating the pancakes!
Project pictures!  19 Yummy banana cake- eat a slice for me, Bella!
Project pictures!  20 What a fabulous project, Alfie!
Project pictures!  21 Colourful aliens too, Alfie!
Project pictures!  22 Goodness, you’ve been working hard Jack! Brill!
Project pictures!  23 A fantastic solar system model- well done!
Project pictures!  24 An amazing space journal, Kate! Well done!
Project pictures!  25 Mmmm yummy cakes- enjoy!
Project pictures!  26 Yummy chocolates, Karis!
Project pictures!  27 Wonderful art work, Karis!
Project pictures!  28 A fabulous project! Well done Karis!
Project pictures!  29 Great life skills- sandwich making!
Project pictures!  30 Brilliant space project! Well done!
Project pictures!  31 Yummy- cooking skills!
Project pictures!  32 Learning to tie shoelaces- great idea!
Project pictures!  33 An amazing space project, Bella!
Project pictures!  34 I love the balloon Earth too 🌍 ❤️
Project pictures!  35 A fantastic space picture- well done!

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