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Wk beg 29.6.20 Fossils

Online learning week beginning 29.6.20

This week your project is all about


Why are we setting you this work?

Science curriculum aims:

  • I can recognise that living things have changed over time.
  • I can describe the process in which fossils are made.

Welcome to another week of home learning! This is the second-to-last week of home learning on the Year 3 curriculum! We are also really looking forward to seeing lots of you on Wednesday.

We hope you enjoy learning about rocks, soil and fossils this week. Do you remember when we read the book ‘Stone Girl, Bone Girl’ about Mary Anning? She called the fossils that she found ‘curiosities’. We then learnt a little about fossils and how they are formed in class. However, it was a long time ago, so carry out the tasks below to remind yourself all about them.

Firstly, we would like you to do some research to describe the process in which animals become trapped in sediment that, over time, turns into rock. The BBC bitesize website is a great place to start:

When you have gathered some information, have a think. How could you present this information to someone who doesn’t know what fossils are? Can you think of a creative way? You could make a rap, dance, picture, story or poster!

Can you mention ‘body’ and ‘trace’ fossils in your presentation too? We learnt about these in class- what is the difference between them?

Next, we would like you use the matching cards (attached at the bottom of the page) to match the dinosaur with its fossil. Look closely at the features of each dinosaur to help you match them. What features make each of them unique?

Finally, as an optional activity, can you have a go at making some fossil cookies? The recipe is in a document at the bottom of this page!

If you like, you can have a listen to Michael Rosen reading his poem “Fossils and My Brother”, talking about his brother who works at the Natural History Museum

As an extra activity

Before Wednesday we would like you to find as many things as you can that are 2 metres long! When you are in school on Wednesday you must imagine your favourite 2 metre long object between you and your friends! This will help to keep us all safe while we are having fun J


For your literacy this week, there is a new set of ‘Talk for writing’ activities for you to have a go at. Remember that there are Year 2 and 3 activities (and Year 1) for you to do.

Don’t forget to log in to Education City for your numeracy activities and bug club for reading and comprehension. We can see how much you are completing and how well you are doing – well done to those of you logging on each week!

Keep up the reading, spelling and times tables, as well as those all-important life skills!

We will see most of you on Wednesday and look forward to catching up with all of you in person or by email at some point this week!! J

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