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Grove Park Primary School

Wk 1 4.1.21

Welcome to our first week back at school- it's a shame we are not able to come into school and share our holiday news but it is always better to stay safe and well. 


As I am in school this week with key worker children, your parents will need to email me if you have a problem. The email will respond with a reply letting them know who to contact for help and support. We will expect to receive a quick email every day letting us know you are safe and well. If you do not contact us, Miss Long will phone you. If we still cannot get in contact with you, someone will come to your door and knock to check you are ok. This is in line with the letter Ms Hague emailed to you at the end of the Christmas holiday. 


On this page you will find your timetable for the week. Your literacy, maths and science tasks can be found at the bottom of this page; I have emailed your parents the name of your literacy and maths groups so you know which timetable and tasks to follow. You are also expected to practise your times tables for 30 minutes every day (and the associated division facts) and to read for 30 minutes. There is a reading bingo sheet for you to use to make these 30 minutes fun! HFW are on our web page too for you to practise reading and spelling. 




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