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Wk beg 4.5.20 The Vikings!

Online learning week beginning 4.5.20

(Please don’t forget that Thursday is a staff development day and Friday is a bank holiday)

This week your project is all about

The Vikings!




  • To understand where the Vikings came from and where and why they invaded
  • To understand how the Vikings lived
  • To understand what the Vikings believed in

First, we would like you to do some research to find out who the Vikings were! Can you find the answers to these questions?

  • Where did the Vikings come from?
  • Where did they go and who did they invade?
  • How did they get there – can you find out about their mode of transport?
  • Why did they invade different places?
  • What made them good warriors?
  • What religion or gods did they believe in?

You could present your answers as a fact sheet with different sections or paragraphs (don’t forget subheadings!), an information poster or leaflet.


Now choose one or several of these activities:


  • Make a rune stone out of clay or playdough. Runes were special symbols which the Vikings used to write. Can you research the meaning of some runes and choose your favourites to put on your stone?


  • Have a go at making some authentic Viking bread!  This recipe is hopefully a little easier than making modern bread (although it will depend if you have managed to find flour at the supermarket…)
  • Look up some Viking games, such as Kubb, and see if you can recreate them using wood or materials you can find in your house.

Have fun!


Friday 8th May is a bank holiday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. We are not setting a project about this, but if you and your family wish to find out about what happened or are having a celebration, we would love to share your findings, photos or celebrations!


Please remember to also read every day (either your own books or on Bug Club) and complete some numeracy activities on Education City. We haven't set a literacy task as it is only a 3 day week. Your literacy learning will be your reading and spellings.

You must also send us at least one message during the week to let us know you are safe and well. Please don’t forget- we will chase you up!

VE Day celebrations

Your bunting looks great, Blake!
Beautiful decorations, Karis!
Your house looks amazing, Karis!
Celebrating VE Day!
Fantastic window decorations, Freya!
VE Day celebrations- hope you had fun!
A great garden party with your family!

What have we been doing?

Brilliant! Great playdough sculptures!
They’re so cute! Fabulous!
I wonder where the Vikings came from?
Where did they travel to and from?
Sponsored bike ride for the NHS!
Keep going! You’ve raised so much money already!
Exhausting work!
A fabulous Viking model, Harry P! Well done!
Riding without stabilisers- fabulous!
Looking after the horse- good work!
A brilliant Viking long boat- well done!
Yummy home baking, Charlie S!
A great Viking project- well done, Charlie S!
A fantastic Viking long boat!
A fabulous Viking project- well done,Bella!
Loving the dressing up outfit!
Well done, Luca- an amazing Viking project!
Well done,Harry P- coding to create a Viking game!
Viking research! I hope you’re enjoying it!
A fabulous map, Kate!
Wow- ‘Kate’ carved in Viking runes! Brilliant!
A Viking long ship that floats- well done, Alfie!
A fabulous den!
A brilliant Viking project, Jack! Well done!
I can’t wait to see your finished boat, Charlie E!
A brilliant floating long boat- well done!
Great Viking facts- fabulous!
Ready, steady, bake Karis!
Yummy, Karis! Eat one for me!
Family games and fun!
A brilliant Viking project, Jocelyn!
Making Viking bread- wow!
It looks very tasty- have a slice for me!
A brilliant Viking project, Brooke! Well done!
Yummy Viking oat cakes, Gabriel!
A great Viking project long ship, Gabriel!
Pretzels too, Gabriel! Yummy!
£600 and counting for the NHS- amazing!
Making your boat- it looks great!
The finished product- wow! Well done!
A family bike ride- great fun!
Great Viking facts, Frankie!
Problem solving- stop it sinking. Great Frankie!
Wow- what an amazing Viking ship! Well done!

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