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Wk beg 6.7.20 Languages week

Unfortunately, due to the weather, the sessions to meet Mrs Watts have been cancelled.


Home learning week beginning 6.7.20

This week is

French week!



Bonjour!! In the summer term we always have a whole school languages week, and that time has come around again! This week, we are going to focus on learning some more about French language and culture!

It is also your last week of home learning with us in Year 3 (next week the year 4 teachers will be taking over!), so we want you to take it easy and have fun this week! We hope you have a brilliant time meeting your new teacher on Wednesday, and seeing each other again. We loved seeing you last week and are really going to miss you!!!

In Year 3, the French theme is clothes! You did learn some of the vocabulary for clothes and colours just before lockdown – you can see how much you can remember, and learn even more with these games and activities.

We would like you to have a go at some of these activities:

  • First, have a look at the Twinkl powerpoint (saved at the bottom of this page) of items of clothing. We already learnt the first five items of clothing (la jupe, la robe, le pantalon, la chemise, le pull) but these are lots of new ones here too! Can you think of any ways to help you remember them? For example, remember that we said you “pull” a jumper over your head (le pull) and the word for trousers (le pantalon) is a bit like the American word for trousers; pants!


  • Have a listen to this song called “les vêtements” (clothes): . You can hear how to pronounce the new words, and have a go at joining in if you listen to it enough times. Listen to the chorus: can you guess from the pictures and context what these words and phrases mean: les filles, les garcons, tout le monde, porter? If you can send a video of you saying or singing some of the words (or perhaps another French song you have learnt!) that would be “fantastique”!!


  • We have attached a range of games for you to play, using your new vocabulary. There is Battleships, Connect 4, some matching games, pairs and a word search! Choose which ones you think you will have fun with and challenge your family to play.


  • Have a go at some French cooking! We have attached the recipes for some delicious French delicacies: croissants, pains au chocolat, crêpes and tartes aux pommes. Why not create a French café or pâtisserie (cake shop) for your family to enjoy?


For your maths this week, there are no activities on education city. Instead there are some fractions work booklets attached at the bottom of the page. You need to do the year 2 and year 3 activities (and year 1). There is also an extra set of talk for writing (set 5) if you finished last week's booklet. These are extras and we won't be checking if you have completed them- set 4 should be finished though! Don't forget to read everyday and keep practising spellings and times tables. 

Please remember to send us some photos, videos or news by the end of the week of what you have been up to!

Bonne chance (good luck) et amusez-vous bien (have fun)!!!

Madame Pastor, Monsieur Edwards et Madame Bottomley xxx

Our learning this week...

Meet Casper! He’s gorgeous!
Money and change- brilliant maths, Karis!
Great maths and literacy work, Karis!
Brilliant fraction work! Well done!
French gougeres- yummy!
Trés bien! Fabulous French learning!
Keeping fit and helping out your sister!
Chocolate croissants! Tasty!
Helping your brother with his school work! Brill!
C’est fantastique, Luca!
Great fractions work too , Luca! Well done!
French games- bien joué!
Brilliant fraction work, Charlie S- great effort!
Trés bien! Fun french activities!
Yummy, Charlie S- crêpes and strawberries!
Brilliant french work, Charlie S!

Maths Fractions Year 2 activities

Maths Fractions Year 1 activities

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